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Study And Discussion Board / Profundity is comedy, comedy is profundity
« Last post by Pope Qliphitus on August 06, 2018, 05:29:57 am »
All jokes reveal a serious upside,
All serious pronouncements reveal an ironic humor
The Erisian Chastisement Ray Of Benevolent Oopsism

I cast my eyes on Her, and she said I could do no wrong.
So I danced forever into the breeze of chaos and felt strange comforting song,
Eris, I love you but my money is gone,
Hooray to my catmas! The Ray has been born!

The offspring of Chaos, bewildered and wild,
Is sprung unto the world - infected by the child,
The Ray of chaos spreading it's memes,
From madness to madness this Ooopism beams.
Study And Discussion Board / Introduction to Kacalinstanphia
« Last post by Pope Qliphitus on July 23, 2018, 01:48:34 am »
A sect of Discordianism

Hyper-meta-doctrine referring to itself and its internal contradictions, in relation to the fractal nature of the universe and the cellular nature of ideas, thoughts and concepts.
Existence and the universe at its core is Chaos Eris. Human experience is absurdity and irrationality parading around claiming to be the opposite.
Earth is a rock in space.
The Law Of Fives is our life principle, superstition is a tool of mind alteration transforming ones own conditioning and reconditioning one to other bullshit.
Life itself, is seen as Eris descending into the Megazone. From birth everything is basic, much room (or space) between the individual and the world, but by the time an individual dies, there is no room (or space) in this void, it is all Eris. We call it the Mega-Zone, it is a metaphysical area where there is no space all space is completely full.
Chaos Theory, Quantum Physics and the Theory Of Forms, all form the basis of our theological doctrines.
Our holy book is the Principia Discordia but we follow the text in a deeper, more insane, less abstruse manner it contains what we need but not what we want.
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